If you have further questions or if you need more information, please call or email us below.

And for your convenience, we have a RED Cremation Pre-Planning Form you can fill out and submit to us. This form is for those wishing to make make pre-arrangements for themselves or a relative and for those who want to get all the information ready for when we come to your home to make the arrangements.


If on the other hand, your need is immediate or imminent, then please use the
BLUE Death Registration Form
, which asks for a bit more information that is needed to register a death in British Columbia.

Licenced Director: Preston Webb

Email: abasiccremation@telus.net

Registered Office:
Phone: 604-488-9839

592 Clearwater Way, Coquitlam, BC V3C 5W4

*Please call our office for our Fax number

Preston Webb – President, Owner and Licensed Director

prestonI have over 33 years experience as a Funeral Director, having started in 1980 and then managing the large family funeral home we owned overseas for many years. I have been a Licensed Director in British Columbia for over two decades and worked for several funeral homes in the Greater Vancouver area. Having had enough of the typical funeral home attitude, with their self-serving sales pitch and ‘bottom-line’ philosophy, low pay notwithstanding their exorbitant mark-ups and unpleasant, greedy owners, I decided to start A Basic Cremation in 2005 and offer something much better at a more reasonable price. And as of January 2013 we became Incorporated to A Basic Cremation Inc.

As a long experienced Licensed Director and Cremation Specialist, I know and understand what people want in their time of need. I will address the questions and concerns you will have during this trying and difficult time and help you through the process of having your loved one cremated. Please feel free to contact me by phone or email for more information or with any question you may have.

Please also have a look at the Testimonials from some of the many of the families we have served and de have dozens more testimonials that we have not even had time to post on our website.